Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars have specialised in vehicle restoration for more than three decades. We share the passion and have the vision to create or re-create a stunning road or race car, whether you bring us a car in need of attention or a frame and bucket of parts. Our staff have the expertise to know what is right for your vehicle, from reworking original panels and components, to fabricating custom pieces to suit, to finding only the best parts to ensure your vehicle stands out for the right reasons. Having the wrong person restore your vehicle can have significant implications to the life and value of your classic, so we’ll tell you the hidden surprises to expect from the start, and we provide images and workshop diary notes as your project comes apart and back together.

Looking to add style to your vehicle or return its panels to their original condition? We have in-house specialist fabricators, premium suppliers who provide only the best panels and materials, and the latest paint technologies to match your original or chosen colour. Our state of the art baking ovens use the industry leading PPG Global Refinishing System, and with the best people in the business, Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars ensure a premium, show-ready finish.

Often a classic car needs custom fabrication to ensure all panels sit flush with ideal clearance to the original bodywork. Our experienced staff have created many a masterpiece to reflect original paneling in a better -than-the glory-days manner, as well as designed and produced custom lightweight panels now used on many of the Holden Toranas in the Touring Car Masters muscle car racing series. Whether a small or significant job, ask Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars what we can create for you.

There’s nothing worse than finding out rust damage is getting in the way of your project or stopping your classic car from being at its best. Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars staff have the knowledge and equipment to save and repair rust spots to keep you and your vehicle moving.

Director, Gary O’Brien, has been racing for more than two decades, building, maintaining and winning in his own cars. Having pioneered custom panels used on national circuit racing Holden Toranas and HQ Monaros, built no less than three podium placing Touring Car Masters entries, one a championship winner, and currently building a custom designed no-expense-spared Holden Torana SL/R 5000. Having brought tarmac rally and historic racing machines back to life, and helped to find the one percent differences to get the best out of many racers, Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars has earned a reputation for being the best.

When it comes to any vehicle, there’s no compromise for quality and at Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars, we understand and appreciate the uniqueness of classic and muscle cars meaning that we only source, use and sell the best parts on the market. Ensuring that what we provide is the best fit for your project, our specialists assemble, fit and check all parts to give you the best finish and ongoing reliability.

Working with the best, we stock the best. Rare Spares, part of RSP Automotive and Industrial, began in 1974 and has grown to be an industry leader in automotive OEM, clips and fasteners, information technology, metal oressing, moulded rubber and hose products, and specialist automotive aftermarket parts and accessories. Supercharge batteries Since 1984, SuperCharge has been a leading provider of vehicle battery units, providing superior quality and value. SuperCharge offers an extensive product range, with both commonly-used and niche market battery products. Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars offers an in-house fitting service for all parts sold.

Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars’ local partners also provide our customers with services in windscreen repair and replacement, vehicle servicing, livery paintwork and sign writing, custom upholstery and towing.

Our partners at Bendigo Accident Repair Centre also offer services for daily drive and commercial vehicles including insurance assessment, quotations and claim management; accident, dent and scratch repairs; parts and accessories; paint; windscreen repair and replacement; vehicle servicing; detailing; low cost courtesy cars; local pickup and delivery; towing and roadworthy certification; with all repairs backed up with a 3 year written guarantee. Visit them at  or call 1300 799 351.